While we are ogling pictures of attractive Koreans, listening to K-pop and watching dramas, not far north from the objects of our attention something very different is going on.

My state’s paper reviewed a book today about the only person born in a North Korean prison camp to have escaped, Shin Dong Hyuk.

He was born as the result of a marriage arranged by the prison guards, in order for his parents’ punishment to continue into the next generation.

These camps make The Hunger Games look like a resort vacation.

These people are also Korean. The only difference is that they live in darkness.

North and South Korea night-time illumination, as seen from space.

I don’t know what we can do to stop this. Reblogging or liking this post won’t fix it. Neither will donating money. But let’s not forget, in the midst of our fandoms, this reality. Let’s not forget that while many prosper, many still suffer. Let’s not forget the other Korea.

Sunday, 1 of April, 2012
by: oregonlive.com

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